Maxalto Eracle

By Antonio Citterio

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Highly practical with rigorous, well balanced proportions, storage units in the Eracle collection match the bookcases that launched the collection in 2010. While the frame is made of all Maxalto wood types, the interior is lined with coloniale leather melamine faced, the transparent double-glass hinged doors are lined on the inside with a high-tech bronzed metal fabric and framed with bronzed profiles. Despite the use of valuable materials, the final result is minimal and sophisticated. Doors close gently, shelves and drawers slide effortlessly. And there is also a surprise, a lamp to light up the interior of the storage unit, a practical vintage detail inspired by bar units typical of the 1950s.

Eracle is a series of multipurpose storage units in different sizes, fitted with doors, shelves and drawers or designed as open bookcases. A simple, defined design with front faces marked with strip that underscore the doors and the unexpected red lacquered interior, that embodies a graceful Eastern sophistication capable of hiding at first glance to reveal at a later moment. Other details enrich these storage units: the upper top creates a tray and the hinged plate functions as a handle.