atelier artiforte TC-6 table showmodel

By Aldo Van Den Nieuwelaar

TC-6 table showmodel image 1 TC-6 table showmodel image 2 TC-6 table showmodel image 3

The TC-6 is a textbook example of light as an object. The round light tube and the metal fixture are in perfect harmony. The TC-6 is an icon that has found its place in museums around the world. In the original design, the tube is a fluorescent lamp; this reissue is equipped with an LED light source. The TC-6 can be used as a table lamp and also as a wall lamp. The TC-6 lamp has an optical dimmer. By moving briefly in front of the sensor, the lamp is switched on or off. Dimming can be done by moving faster or slower in front of the sensor. When you switch it on, the lamp returns to the last dimming position.