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B&B Italia Outdoor Complements Springtime

By Jean-Marie Massaud

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Jean-Marie Massaud designed the Springtime Collection to furnish outdoor areas by creating a dialogue between nature and interior spaces. The combination of elements completes a domestic landscape that integrates this space and makes it liveable.

The experience of life outdoors provided by Springtime outdoor furnishings is a nap in the shade of a canopy sofa, dozing in the sun on a beach bed, or sharing a sweet summer evening around a fire pit.

Jean-Marie Massaud perceives the outdoors to be an infinite space in which there is dialogue, a harmonious relationship with nature and simultaneously a level of intimacy between ourselves and the people surrounding us.

The seating system includes sofas, daybeds and double “vis a vis” sofas that become a light, poetic refuge where it is truly possible to relax. A wide range of complements are available that allow each person to create their own outdoor space to fit their own personality.