Vitra Eames Segmented Tables Dining

By Charles and Ray Eames

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Social gatherings at the home of Charles and Ray Eames were legendary. This was especially true when a meal was served. In addition to planning the meal, Ray immensely enjoyed preparing the table – a round Eames Segmented Table – with the aim of bringing pleasure to each individual guest. The arrangement of tablecloths, tableware, cutlery, vases and decorative objects resembled a freshly painted picture, whose shapes and colours complemented the food that was served, creating what resembled a small piece of art. The role of a table extends far beyond aesthetic considerations, as it is the communal and convivial heart of the home – a place where people can connect. The emphasis on 'connection', as a universal element in both design and everyday life, is a recurring theme in the Eameses' work – even as a structural principle in their products: in the segmented base of the Eames Tables, a so-called spreader connector holds the base elements together and is an essential component, guaranteeing the sophisticated modularity of the entire table range. The Eames Segmented Table (Dining) is characterised by an interplay of dimensions, materials and colours, transforming the legendary classic into a comfortable, elegant dining table. With a round or boat-shaped table top in a choice of sizes, it allows spontaneous and informal seating arrangements in diverse dining settings.