Daniel Van Dijck Raw Colours

By Daniel Van Dijck

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The tableware series ‘Raw Collars’ consists of five different, unique, handcrafted plates and bowls, which are made of various materials such as: black stoneware, grey stoneware, red stoneware, beige stoneware and white porcelain, this in combination with polenta. Created by the process of using edibles in the clay, which later melted away in the oven. This five unique tableware is a future interpretation of the “Eccentric Plates” which was made in 2013-2014.

The tableware does not only assist our daily ritual of food consumption, but also, on the basis of different forms and materials, symbolizes the processes that happen in our body while we digest.

Some effects are more extreme than others; some plates are more eccentric than others. The series as a whole evokes associations to well-known dining attributes, but also can be surprising due to their eccentric appearance. This new interpretation have a more delicate model, is perfect for use for tableware.