Cor Unum Mama Vase black

By Roderick Vos

Mama Vase black image 1

Mama Vase,

The Ma-Ma vase is a unique design by Roderick Vos, where he was inspired by the structures of nature. Roderick Vos's fascination with these basic forms stems from its often surprising simplicity and beauty; division, regularity, rhythm, repetition. By rehearsing a basic shape in this way, as it were, the Ma-Ma vase was created in 1999. During the design process of the 'MaMa', the starting point was to create an archetype of a symmetrical vase. By tilting this vase shape on the computer and positioning two identical shapes against it, this fascinating three-dimensional interplay of lines was created 'by chance'. This design has now become an icon within the Cor Unum collection.

This vase is made by hand, each product is unique, also in color. There may be irregularities such as pinholes or small deformations.