Tecta Lot

By Wolfgang Hartauer

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After his K8 side table Wolfgang Hartauer has now developed a new large folding table concept for Tecta: Lot, which will be presented at imm 2017. “I was looking for a table that had a “flexible” side – that’s why it has a semi-circular shape,” says Hartauer. “At the same time, I wanted a table that can be extended or retracted as needed. So a folding mechanism was on the agenda.”Hartauer named his table “Lot” as a reference to the German word for perpendicular. Simultaneously, his folding table plays with geometries: a semicircle that is rotated 90 degrees to form a support for the folding element. Hartauer’s idea: to create movement that you can read in the furniture.Lot is versatile: It can serve both as a dining and work table.

Lot is versatile: It can serve both as a dining and work table. Not only is it easy to extend or retract but it can also be moved freely around the room without any effort. Despite being made of solid wood, this is a mobile piece of furniture thanks to its hidden rolling mechanism. Lot can be lifted on the round side to move it very easily with one hand on its super-silent castors and then folded down and pushed against a wall. Lot only requires one person to steer it. Versatile enough for an openplan office. Those who require more work space, can simply direct Lot wherever it is needed.


Solid oak or walnut, oiled or varnished. Veneered oak or walnut, open pore finish in neutral, black or white.

Dimensions/details (cm)

Width: 240 (retracted 180) Height: 74 cm Depth: 90 Special dimensions on request