B&B Italia Flat.C

By Antonio Citterio

Flat.C image 1 Flat.C image 2 Flat.C image 3 Flat.C image 4

“How do you transform a house? What reference points do you use to reorganise space in homes of the future? How will the objects that populate our homes change? Which new electronic devices will enter the domestic realm to extend the perception of our living spaces?

These are the questions that guided the Flat.C project design.

Inspired by the minimum dimension, Flat.C constitutes the latest chapter in my search for dimensional upgrading within wall-system products.

Flat.C is flat - like the screens in our collective imagination, which are linked to the new ways of viewing video and images.

The goal was to obtain a flexible system where it was possible to foresee an almost infinite number of different configurations based on a modular grid that organises the composition elements and restricts proportions.

The range of storage units determines the intelligent use of space.

Flat.C is a reconfigurable open system that can be reassembled. It expresses a free way to occupy space and can follow the evolutions of multimedia systems.

Media in a home will change. The piece of furniture that holds them won't.”

Antonio Citterio