Classicon Lota

By Eileen Gray

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The apartment of Madame Mathieu-Levy on Rue de Lota in Paris was regarded as one of the most sensational examples of French interior architecture of the 1920s. Eileen Gray had created the decor over a period of five years. It featured were black and silver lacquered wall panels and a sumptuous lounge in the shape of a dugout canoe. Yet another such showpiece was the sofa Lota with its luxuriant cushions and multi-coloured lacquered side pieces. Eileen Gray liked it so much that she later made a second one for her own home.

Padded beech frame with spring interior. Seat cushion with natural down filling. Loose back and side cushions are filled with natural down and stabilisers. Sideboxes finished in highgloss lacquered MDF, mounted on rollers. Front and back are always black. Cover in fabric or leather. Details and colours see price list.