B&B Italia Hive

By Atelier Oi

Hive image 1 Hive image 2 Hive image 3

Hive means “beehive”, a project that evokes the complex structure generated by the design of small elements that can create objects with great architectural consistency, like a beehive. The Atelier OI started with the materials, discarded pieces of leather in particular. “We asked B&B Italia to send us the left over pieces of leather for one week. They were qualitatively perfect but unusable because they were too small, and we started working with them.” The three-dimensional surface was created by sewing together small petals of leather, modular pieces left over from the manufacturing process, through the central incisions that follow a pattern of repeating hexagons. It took two years of work to perfect the final design and in spite of its complexity, it is poetic and delicate, an object that looks like a flower and its leaves.