Classicon Cypris Mirror

By Nina Mair

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With the Cypris Mirror, Austrian architect Nina Mair designed a mirror that is reminiscent of 1950s elegance with its harmoniously shaped radii and brass as a material – and yet it is an absolutely contemporary design. The generous depth of the surrounding brass frame is visually doubled in the mirror and gets a special formal conciseness while remaining a fine, elegant line when viewed on edge. Mounted on the wall, the ribbon-like brass frame of the mirror becomes a surface for flacons, cosmetic products or small treasures, which receive a perfect frame – a stage that enhances each object. The Cypris Mirror can be used in lobbies or bathrooms, dressing rooms or wardrobes, living rooms or semi-public areas. It is available in various sizes and can be mounted horizontally or vertically, or even leaned against the wall.

Mirror. Frame made of solid brass, natural or burnished, with clear lacquer. Mirror made of crystal glass or smoked glass, bronze. For horizontal or vertical use. Tilt protection included if leaned against the wall (Version 180x60 cm only). Sizes: 70x70 cm or 180x60 cm