Flexform Guscio | Guscio Soft

By Antonio Citterio

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A powerful encapsulation of elegance and inviting warmth, the Guscio armchair possesses enveloping lines and impeccable construction, features that enhance its natural aptitude for effortlessly furnishing both residential and hospitality spaces – like lounge areas, corporate offices and boutiques. The structure is an enveloping shell made of structural polyurethane foam, while the seat cushion is in goose down with a core insert in crushproof material. To ensure the utmost in comfort, the Guscio Soft version comes with additional padding in the seat back and an extra layer of Dacron and memory foam. The sophisticated aesthetic language that distinguishes the Guscio armchair is also expressed in the design of the base, that can either be in solid wood – Canaletto walnut or ash, in various colors – or metal, in a number of finishes.