Frankly Amsterdam Cross Over Rug

By Marc Thorpe

Cross Over Rug image 1 Cross Over Rug image 2 Cross Over Rug image 3 Cross Over Rug image 4 Cross Over Rug image 5

Together with well-known American designer Marc Thorpe we developed this extraordinary rug. Inspired by the zebra crossings on the streets of his hometown New York City, Marc created Cross Over. The stripes and lines of varying thicknesses on this handsome rug are handtufted in right angles, creating an interesting geometrical pattern.Eucalyptus and biological wool both cover half of surface of the entire rug. The incredible softness and shine of the Eucalyptus yarn sets off brilliantly against the matt, sober wool. The subtle pattern doesn’t dominate because of the slight contrast that these two different materials in the same color create. Available in 6 colors. Handmade in Europe. Any shape or size possible.

It is no coincidence that we use our Eucalyptus yarn so often. Because this material has so many incredible qualities and advantages! It is strong, soft, shiny, sustainable, long-lasting and it really takes care of every skin that it touches. Do you want to know more about why we love this material so much?