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Frankly Amsterdam Day Light pattern C

By Frankly Amsterdam

Day Light pattern C image 1 Day Light pattern C image 2 Day Light pattern C image 3 Day Light pattern C image 4

The patterns of Day Light are inspired by freshly done rice fields, in all of their beauty.

Soft line work that feels clean and organized. This is an ode to a thousands year old craft and the people that master it. Like running your fingers through earth, the lines are hand tufted in two different heights. The yarn is glossy and almost velvet looking. Day Light is all about new beginnings and growth. And so is Bamboo. This grass grows faster than the speed of light and provides more oxygen than trees. Harvesting doesn’t damage the soil and our entire production process is closed-loop.

Bamboo is the good stuff, really. This quality is suitable for residential use. Being tufted by hand, it can be made to measure in any shape and size desired. Like all of our products, Day Light pattern is of European production. Available in three standard patterns or a customized one. In any color from our Bamboo box.

Available as Rug, wall-to-wall Design Frankly Amsterdam Size Any size possible Weight 5500 gr/m2 Height 14 / 20 mm Technique Hand tufted Colors 10 standard + 65 uni + any custom color Color design Christiane Müller Material 100% Bamboo