B&B Italia Outdoor Canasta

By Patricia Urquiola

Canasta image 1 Canasta image 2 Canasta image 3

This was the first time that Patricia decided to design an ultra-decorative, handmade collection (“it takes four hours for two craftsmen to put the interlacing on the structure.”). It is (apparently) in contrast with the other B&B Italia products, which are strongly recognised for being pure examples of industrial design.

The inspiration? A wicker basket in the Far East: Patricia Urquiola started working on the weave of Canasta (basket in Spanish) while out in the Far East. To find the perfect weave, the designer reinterpreted the traditional design of the octagonal holes in Viennese cane, mixed two patterns to transform the product into the macro-pattern of Canasta and create a series of outdoor sofas that look classic but have contemporary adaptability. In fact, the play between classic and contemporary is not a new idea: the Viennese cane inspiration is retro, and the polyethylene texture speaks today’s language.

Patricia explains: “For me, Canasta is the image of a pattern. It doesn’t want to imitate nature. Even though a sort of crystallised natural pattern shows up in the tiles decorating the tables and accessories. Moreover, I designed enveloping shapes that give the idea of protection. And I studied new forms of ergonomics to satisfy every moment of a day spent outdoors.”

The result is a series of poetic but current objects: armchairs, sofas, round sofas, and a chaise longue in addition to chairs, tables and complements that have become iconic pieces of contemporary design.