Daisy James Daisy James - The splash DJ223

By Daisy James

Daisy James - The splash DJ223 image 1 Daisy James - The splash DJ223 image 2

When liquid suddenly gets disturped it creates a splash; An unpredictable and chaotic shattering of the liquid’s quiet surface. Sand can splash too but it’s water that gives the most exclusive splashes, So for this abstract D A I S Y J A M E S wallcover we allowed the inspiration to come from this type of chaos. Grafitti depicting a splash. Complementary colors make it a very loud, interesting and abstract wallcover.

Wallpaper Unlimited length – seamless or on roll.

Our wallcover on roll concerns a high quality non-woven wallpaper, 500mm in width, and easy to apply.Our seamless wallcover is a single piece of vinyl, manufactured to your specifications. Both are strong, durable, light and color fast, scratch- and impact-resistant and suitable for projects.