Thomas Eyck t.e. 217 "blossom" throws

By jupe by jackie

t.e. 217 "blossom" throws image 1 t.e. 217 "blossom" throws image 2 t.e. 217 "blossom" throws image 3 t.e. 217 "blossom" throws image 4 t.e. 217 "blossom" throws image 5

Thomas Eyck commissioned Jupe by Jackie to develop for 2019 a new collection hand embroidered mohair throws. She designed a series of 10 splendid throws exclusively for the t.e.collection.

In 2017, Jupe by Jackie took an exciting step within the world of design. The renowned fashion brand launched its first collection of interior design, labelled Jupe by Jackie Home. As a counterweight to mass produced woven and printed fabrics, Jupe by Jackie aims to revive the ancient craft of hand embroidery that seemed to have left the world of interiors.

By subtle, modern needlework, free from mechanical repetition, fabrics become a rare art, allowing interior textiles to become architectural or poetic objects. Their strong colour combinations and balanced proportions add to a room not only functionality, but an artistic atmosphere as well.

With this collection Jupe by Jackie balances nature and culture, emphasizing the beauty of both worlds.