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Frankly Amsterdam At Random Rug

By Frankly Amsterdam

At Random Rug image 1 At Random Rug image 2 At Random Rug image 3 At Random Rug image 4

At Random has a distinct personality. The hand tufted rug, composed out of Eucalyptus yarn at a height of 10 mm, is made with a specific technique called cut/loop. Alternated between getting cut or being looped through the backing in a specific pattern, the yarn is visible from different sides, giving the rug a classic ton-sur-ton elegance. In addition to the 8 colors in our standard collection, we can provide you with 51 other colors to choose from! The rugs are made to measure, in any shape, size, height or color you desire.

It is no coincidence that we use our Eucalyptus yarn so often. Because this material has so many incredible qualities and advantages! It is strong, soft, shiny, sustainable, long-lasting and it really takes care of every skin that it touches. Do you want to know more about why we love this material so much?